Company Registration Services

We are the groups of professionals and consultants. Our team comprising of chartered accountants, lawyers and secretary. We are providing company registration service. We can register companies like Public limited company, private limited company, Proprietorship, Partnership and Limited liability partnership.

We make the registration process very smooth. All the details and requirements related to company registration is well guide by our expertise to our client. We believe in long term relationship and work on behalf of customer satisfaction. We charge reasonable price and generous company registration.

We are professionals in getting the best structure for company. Let’s try to understand you the best company structure these are as-

  • One Person Company (OPC) - This is based on single person company or a single promoter company. It helps to promote a sole-proprietor to carry his work and still be part of the corporate framework.
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – Under this the liability of the partner will be limited only to agreed contribution
  • Private Limited Company (PLC) – Under this company, the law provides the facility regarding separate legal entity from its founders. It has shareholder and directors.
  • Public Limited Company (PLC) – This is a voluntary association of members which is incorporated under the company law. There members are limited to shares they hold.

CI Services also understand its client’s and how to choose the right business structure because it is important to choose your business structure carefully. You should aware income tax return policy. We register your company that has different business compliances that you need to be meet with.

Some points for our usual work:

  • DIN Number
  • Approval of Company Name
  • Complete Responsible for submitting all legal documents and other pre-requisites
  • Registration of Company at Domestic and International Level
  • Apply for Certification of Company
  • Complete tracking report
  • Digital Signature from MCA
  • Legal Adviser regarding company or other company related functions